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GOSPEL GREATS: Accessible Anthems for SAB Choirs (Choral)

Arr. Larry Shackley Lloyd Larson, Mary McDonald, Joel Raney

Here are eight best-sellers from four of the most creative arrangers, known for their energetic, catchy gospel writing. Each of these are set for SAB voices and can be accompanied by piano, CD track, or Rhythm Parts which are available separately.


Arr. Joel Raney

Here is the 8th volume in our successful series of settings for women's choirs. Included are eight top-sellers composed and arranged by Joel Raney for SSA voices. There are selections for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Communion, and general occasions throughout the year. A CD of Accompaniment tracks is available for rehearsal and performance.

FIRED UP (Musicals)

Allen Pote / Words By: Tom Long

A lighthearted re-telling of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, this new musical for young voices includes all the elements we've come to expect from Tom and Allen: well-crafted accessible songs, clever humor, and a solid biblical message, in this case: we follow a loving God worthy of trust - regardless of the circumstances. Performance time is 35 minutes.


William M. Runyan Arr. Lloyd Larson

A few years ago we started publishing arrangements for piano and accessible handbells. These have proven to be very popular so we continue this series with this setting of Hope's most popular hymn copyright. The piano setting is of intermediate difficulty and the handbells are Level 2.

KEY RINGS (Handbell)

Arr. Martha Lynn Thompson Frances L. Callahan


Arr. John Carter

For 3-part Mixed choirs.


Arr. Compiled by Jane Holstein

Here are ten vocal duets of top-sellers from the Hope catalog, each arranged for two medium voices. Available alone or in a book/CD combo with accompaniment tracks useful for rehearsal and performance. Arrangers include Joel Raney, Mark Hayes, Mary McDonald, Jack Schrader, Natalie Sleeth, Larry Shackley and Jane Holstein.


Arr. Mark Hayes

Here are twelve settings of popular new hymns and songs from David Haas, Marty Haugen, John Foley, James Moore, Kathleen Tomerson and others. These tasteful settings for solo piano from Mark Hayes give voice to the Psalmist's words, "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!"

AT HIS NAME (Musicals)

Joel Raney Arr. Joel Raney

This 30-minute musical reflects on Jesus's ministry and life on earth, and looks at the monumental effect his name has had on history. Told through six choral anthems with narration this work traces Jesus' life from his first preaching to the final momentous events of his passion. The music is mostly original and covers a range of styles. Accompaniment can be provided by just piano, CD or ED Hogan's orchestration. The half-hour length makes it ideal for including in a worship service anytime during Lent, or Holy Week, and it would be particularly poignant on Palm Sunday.Orchestrations: Conductor's Score, Flute, Oboe (or Soprano Sax* or Clarinet*), Horn (or Alto Sax* or Clarinet*), Trumpet (or Alto Sax*), Trombone (or Tenor Sax* or Baritone T.C.*), Percussion, Piano, Synth, Electric Bass, Harp, Violins 1 & 2, Viola (or Clarinet*), Cello/Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet*), String Reduction for Keyboard.*Parts are included on the CD-Rom.


Arr. Various Composers

Here is the 7th volume in our successful series of settings for men's choirs. Included are ten top-sellers composed and arranged for TTBB voices. A CD of Orchestral Accompaniment tracks is available for rehearsal and performance. Arrangers include Joel Raney, Mary McDonald, Joe Martin, Jay Althouse and John Carter. To listen to samples of this product, please scroll down to find the Hope Publishing recording.


Arr. Lloyd Larson

Here is the 5th volume in our successful series of accessible voicings of top-sellers in our catalog. All of these are proven winners from arranger Lloyd Larson. Like Easy Settings, Vols. 1 & 3, Lloyd has set each of these for SAB or, with alto part omitted, Two-Part Mixed. To listen to samples of this product, please scroll down to find the Hope Publishing recording.

EASY ANTHEMS, Vol. 7 (Choral)

Arr. Various Composers

Here is the 7th volume in our successful series of accessible voicings of top-sellers in our catalog. All of these are proven winners set for SAB and Two-Part Mixed voices. To listen to samples of this product, please scroll down to find the Hope Publishing recording.


Joel Raney

With minimal rehearsal, this joyous original composition is sure to create a big impact! Utilizing a variety of handbell techniques with limited bell changes, this is one to program time and time again. A perfect selection for Easter or any day of celebration.

OH, LOVE, HOW DEEP (Handbell)

Arr. Bruce W. Tippette

This sturdy hymn tune serves well to set the tone for worship during the Lenten season. It opens with a simple statement of the melody and slowly evolves into an expanded voicing of the original hymn, utilizing LV arpeggios across the ensemble between verses. This accessible, Level 1+ setting is useful anytime of the year as an expression of the power of God's love through Jesus Christ.


Arr. Arnold Sherman

Combining 3-5 octave handbells with optional keyboard, this is a festive presentation from the opening chords to the final cadence. Choirs will enjoy the interplay between the two instruments as they work together to breathe new energy into this classic hymn.


Arr. Arnold Sherman Joel Raney

This familiar hymn tune sparkles to life in this joyful setting, calling everyone to come to worship! With surprising harmonies along the way and the addition of a second hymn tune, "Be Thou My Vision" (SLANE), the listener is pulled into a dynamic presentation of two familiar melodies.


Arr. Linda R. Lamb

This engaging and contrasting medley pays tribute to the Sacresd Harp hymnal with its opening treatment in a minor key, before transitioning to a lively major key. The theme of heaven and eternal life are emphasized at the ending with an invitation to "gather at the river" that flows by the throne of God.

THE BEST OF AGAPE for 2-3 Octave Vol. 1 (Handbell)

Arr. Various Composers & Arrangers

Here are eleven of our best-selling contemporary arrangements of recent years, all for 3-5 octave choirs. There are seven Level 2s and one each for Level 2-, 2+, 3- and 3. Eleven great pieces for the cost of 3 makes this a real budget stretcher!

ESSENTIAL CLASSICS for 3-5 Octave Vol. 1 (Handbell)

Arr. Various Composers & Arrangers

Collected here are ten of our best-selling arrangements of recent years, all Level 2 for 3-5 octave choirs. These tried and proven winners come from a variety of composers and arrangers, and represent a wide range of styles that you will find useful throughout the year.


Words By: Stuart K. Hine / Arr. Joel Raney

Bringing together a beloved hymn with a praise and worship classic, this setting for piano and Level 2 3-5 octave handbells creates an enticing interplay between all the elements. After introducing both selections, the two instruments join together and pair the two hymns in an enchanting back and forth dialogue.


Arr. Sandra Eithun

This grand, energetic setting of the familiar hymn tune is an ideal offering for the Easter season or any celebratory worship or concert program. With the opening fanfare and rousing middle section, to the more lyrical verse with mallets on suspended bells and handchimes on the melody, developing ensembles will find ample opportunities to strengthen skills, and to work for balance between melody and accompaniment while striving for clarity with a more upbeat tempo.


Arr. Arnold Sherman Joel Raney

Bursting with dynamic vitality, this arrangement highlights each section of the bell choir, from the flowing accompaniment pattern in the treble bells, to the dramatic descending lines in the bass section. Building from beginning to end, here is a setting useful for both concert and worship.


Arr. Matthew Compton

This compelling rendition based on the Passion Chorale is brimming with text painting. To aid the performers, the biblical text is set over the music as a reference. Using techniques, such as a driving malleted bass line for the heavy walk to the cross followed by a subito piano depicting Christ's final breath, makes this a heartrending musical experience for ringers and listeners alike.


Words By: Lloyd Larson

Combining a moderately difficult piano part with Level 2, 3-5 octave handbells, here is a stately presentation of this powerful hymn. Ideal for World Communion, Christ the King, and especially Easter morning, this combination is a sure winner.


Arr. Joel Raney

This classic jazz standard soars to new heights in this dynamic fresh setting. The addition of the synth part, along with percussion, will leave the audience dancing in the aisles. Commissioned by Jennifer Cauhorn to commemorate the 60th wedding anniversary of her parents, who "through it all learned what love is like on Jupitar and Mars and everywhere in between."Instrumental Parts: Conductor's Score, Organ (or Synth) & Percussion.


Arr. Linda R. Lamb

This Southern Gospel classic emerged as a popular favorite when Elvis Presley recorded it in 1960. Both the soothing aspect of the original, and a rollicking backdrop that makes for a fun piece for both ringers and listeners are incorporated into this refreshing setting.

LEAD ME, LORD (Choral)

John D. Becker Arr. Mark Hayes

The text, based on the Beatitudes, is beautifully supported throughout by a flowing keyboard accompaniment. The refrain is a prayer proclaiming: "Lead me, Lord, by the light of truth to seek and to find the narrow way," making this a perfect selection for discipleship, commitment Sundays, confirmation, and more.


Arr. Steven Strite

This Ghana folk song, paired with Tom Colvin's text, is often associated with holy week and the event of Jesus washing the disciples' feet. This perceptive setting finds the perfect rhythmic groove to compliment the hymn. The addition of congas and egg shaker enrich the true folk song feel that it deserves, and the flute part adds color and sweep.

DON'T CRY (Choral)

Kirk Franklin / Words By: African-American spiritual / Arr. Joel Raney

The music of Kirk Franklin is synonymous with the heart of worship in the African-American Church, and Joel Raney has set this powerful resurrection song as authentically as possible, maintaining its soulful, gospel style. The buildup from beginning to end is sure to enrapture all in the message "Don't cry, wipe your eyes, he is not dead!" If you enjoyed "Revelation 19" and "Order My Steps," previously published in our catalog, then you won't want to miss this one.Orchestrations: Conductor's Score, Horn (or Alto Sax or Clarinet), 2 Trombone (or Tenor Sax or Baritone T.C.), Percussion, Piano, Synth (Vintage Rhodes), Electric Guitar (or Capo Guitar), Electric Bass, Drums, Violins 1 & 2, Viola (or Clarinet), Cello/Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet). Double Bass and String Reduction.


Keith Getty Stuart Townend Arr. Lloyd Larson

This medley for Holy Week includes many of the significant hymns and songs that center on the cross: "The Power of the Cross," "Beneath the Cross," Beneath the Cross of Jesus," "Near the Cross," and "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." This "Holy Week Experience" is an extended work (7:30 mins.), with optional scripture narration and instruments, as well as an opportunity for the congregation to join in on at the end of "When I Survey."Instrumental Parts: Conductor's Score, Flute, Oboe (or Soprano Sax or Clarinet), Horn (or Alto Sax or Clarinet), Piano, Cello/Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet).

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