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Arr. Steven Strite

This Ghana folk song, paired with Tom Colvin's text, is often associated with holy week and the event of Jesus washing the disciples' feet. This perceptive setting finds the perfect rhythmic groove to compliment the hymn. The addition of congas and egg shaker enrich the true folk song feel that it deserves, and the flute part adds color and sweep.

DON'T CRY (Choral)

Kirk Franklin / Words By: African-American spiritual / Arr. Joel Raney

The music of Kirk Franklin is synonymous with the heart of worship in the African-American Church, and Joel Raney has set this powerful resurrection song as authentically as possible, maintaining its soulful, gospel style. The buildup from beginning to end is sure to enrapture all in the message "Don't cry, wipe your eyes, he is not dead!" If you enjoyed "Revelation 19" and "Order My Steps," previously published in our catalog, then you won't want to miss this one.Orchestrations: Conductor's Score, Horn (or Alto Sax or Clarinet), 2 Trombone (or Tenor Sax or Baritone T.C.), Percussion, Piano, Synth (Vintage Rhodes), Electric Guitar (or Capo Guitar), Electric Bass, Drums, Violins 1 & 2, Viola (or Clarinet), Cello/Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet). Double Bass and String Reduction.


Keith Getty Stuart Townend Arr. Lloyd Larson

This medley for Holy Week includes many of the significant hymns and songs that center on the cross: "The Power of the Cross," "Beneath the Cross," Beneath the Cross of Jesus," "Near the Cross," and "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." This "Holy Week Experience" is an extended work (7:30 mins.), with optional scripture narration and instruments, as well as an opportunity for the congregation to join in on at the end of "When I Survey."Instrumental Parts: Conductor's Score, Flute, Oboe (or Soprano Sax or Clarinet), Horn (or Alto Sax or Clarinet), Piano, Cello/Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet).


Lloyd Larson / Words By: Brian Wren Lloyd Larson

With comfortable vocal ranges for a variety of singers, while maintaining vitality and energy, here is an Easter Day anthem with optional solo trumpet. Brian Wren's "Christ Is Alive" appears in the middle with the option to include congregational singing.


Joel Raney Arr. Joel Raney

From the fist notes, and the sound of the organ chime, the tone is set in the garden, as Mary is searching for Jesus. Learning that "He is risen and the tomb is empty," the music swells forward with dynamic energy and compelling rhythm. The addition of piano, brass and percussion further heightens this triumphant Easter Day exaltation.Brass Parts: Conductor's Score, Piano, 2 Trumpet, 2 Trombones, Tuba, Timpani & Glockenspiel.


Joel Raney

This exuberant anthem is filled with all of the elements that are sure to make Easter morning a memorable celebration. The antiphonal singing between the two choirs, adults and children, gives this a fresh approach as they echo each other singing "Christ is risen, he is alive!"


Valerie MacKenzie

This Easter celebration serves well as an introit for Resurrection Sunday (it's 24 measures). With optional trumpet, it is sure to heighten the spirit of the congregation as it proclaims the great triumph of God's mercy and grace.


Wes Cameron

This Good Friday text by Samuel Wesley barely escaped the flames when the Wesley's Epworth rectory burned on February 9, 1709. Wes Cameron sets three of the stanzas to a simple melody and for the chorus adds "it is finished, God's plan is now complete." Scored for SAB choirs, this is a beautiful and accessible anthem for use during Holy Week.String Quartet Parts: Conductor's Score, Violin1 & 2, Viola and Cello.


Arr. Mary McDonald

This classic Easter hymn is given a dynamic treatment for four-part choir with optional brass quintet. The text is sprinkled with biblical illusions from I Corinthians 15: "O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting," and from Romans: "we are more than conquerors through him who loved us," making it an ideal choice for Resurrection Sunday.


Jay L. Althouse / Words By: Jay L. Althouse

This exuberant Easter anthem opens with a joyous, hymn-like melody, harmonized in a straightforward manner. This leads to a statement of the majestic hymn "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today" in a comfortable key, making it ideal for having the congregation join in. Returning to the original melody for a powerful conclusion makes this an accessible, uplifting musical presentation for Easter Sunday.

AGNUS DEI (Choral)

Michael W. Smith Stuart K. Hine Arr. Joel Raney

This Michael W. Smith "classic" is ideal for any worship occasion and especially communion services reflecting on Jesus, the Lamb of God. The inclusion of a portion of "How Great Thou Art" expands and reinforces this anthem of praise to the Lord God Almighty.


Joshua Neil Farro Jeremy Riddle, Phil Wickham Arr. Lloyd Larson

This popular contemporary title expresses the majesty and power of Jesus, the King of glory who conquered the grave. The refrain will have everyone singing along about the amazing grace that Jesus offers through his sacrifice on the cross - ideal for the Easter season. Rhythm Parts: keyboard (synth), acoustic guitar, bass & drums.


Kristyn Getty Stuart Townend, Keith Getty Arr. Lloyd Larson

This dynamic hymn setting calls for the church of Christ, both young and old, to rejoice in the risen King. A verse of the Charles Wesley hymn "Rejoice, the Lord Is King!" is seamlessly woven into the fabric and heightens the impact of this celebration of Christ our Lord and King. Rhythm Parts: Conductor's score, horn, violin, piano, synth, acoustic guitar, electric bass, percussion 1 & 2.


Words By: John L. Bell / Arr. Joel Raney

This lively folk song is paired with a text that tells the story of Jesus' life from birth to his death and resurrection, reminding us that "he's there when we call him, bringing health, love, and laughter to life now and ever after, for the good of us all." The optional flute and handbells embellish the charming Irish flavor.

EASTER HYMN OF PROMISE (Choral|Handbell|Organ & Piano Duets)

Natalie Sleeth Arr. Joel Raney

Built on the popular Natalie Sleeth title, and incorporating the tunes, EASTER HYMN, PASSION CHORALE and DIADEMATA, this festive Easter prelude is the latest addition to Joel Raney's exciting series of piano/organ worship openers with SATB choir entering at the conclusion for an optional choral introit. The optional part 3-5 octave handbells with optional 3-5 octave handchimes is a fully developed Level 2 setting that greatly enhances the overall presentation. Both Keyboard Parts (Reproducible SATB Choral Introit Included)

CHRIST HAS ARISEN! (An Easter Introit) (Choral)

Daniel Mattix

Daniel Mattix has written an original Call to Worship that will serve as a joyful, triumphant opening to any Easter celebration. Included in the middle is a responsive litany. There are six versions for each Sunday of Eastertide. To accommodate a wide variety of needs, the composition features a variety of options and a flexible instrumentation. It can be realized with piano or organ, optional trumpet, optional 6 handbells, and any combination of singers: women only, men only, children, teens, or SATB voices. SATB w/opt. B-flat Trumpet & 6 Handbells (Included)


Allen Pote / Words By: Allen Pote

Proclaiming "He is risen! Alleluia!" here is Allen Pote's exuberant Easter Day anthem for SATB choir, with optional organ, brass and percussion. The story of the tomb unfolds and leads up to an impressive display of contrapuntal "alleluias" between the voice parts, all making for a festive celebration of the risen Lord. SATB

WORTHY IS THE LAMB OF GOD (Revelation 5:12) (Choral)

Thomas E. Fettke / Words By: Thomas E. Fettke

This Tom Fettke original is based on Revelation 5:12, "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches, wisdom, and strength." The memorable choral lines make this anthem especially easy to learn and chord symbols have been added for the option of adding rhythm. SATB


Keith Getty Stuart Townend / Words By: Stuart Townend / Arr. Lloyd Larson

This Keith Getty and Stuart Townend song is useful anytime of the year and especially for Pentecost Sunday. Lloyd Larson's masterful setting features an elegant piano accompaniment and optional cello part. Set in three verses, the first is a prayer for personal renewal, the second is a prayer for the gifts of the Spirit "to show Christ in all I do," and the third is for the universal church to "hunger for your ways."


Joel Raney / Words By: Joel Raney

From the Quick Study Choral series, Joel Raney's Palm Sunday original features flowing choral lines that are easily learned with a minimum of rehearsal. This setting's original incarnation was in Joel's popular Tenebrae service, The Seven Last Days (#8591). Instrumental parts: Conductor's Score, Flute, Oboe, Violin & Cello.


Charles McCartha / Words By: Charles McCartha

Sparkling with excitement and joy, this Easter anthem by Charles McCartha is accessible to choirs of all sizes and skill levels. Blending in the familiar "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today" with original text and music, the anthem serves as an inspiring celebration of Christ's resurrection. SATB


Jan McGuire Joel Raney

This Easter anthem reflects on the love and peace that will live again on resurrection morn, when joy will come at daybreak and hope will be reborn! With lyrics by Jan McGuire and an engaging choral setting by Joel Raney, this is a sure winner for the Easter season.


Michael Morgan Arr. Hal H. Hopson

This paraphrase of Psalm 86 is beautifully paired with Hal Hopson's familiar tune GIFT OF LOVE, offering a prayerful ballad for SATB choirs. The final verse acclaims that all nations will worship and glorify God, making this doubly useful for World Communion or mission Sundays.


Michael R. Newbolt George W. Kitchin Arr. Thomas E. Fettke

This classic hymn takes on new life in arranger Tom Fettke's hands! A powerful choral proclamation in its introduction, along with a contrasting middle section based on John 3:16, "God so loved the world," allowing for a poignant solo moment, makes this a stunning anthem for the Lent and Easter season.


George F. Handel Arr. Paul Leddington Wright

This latest addition to our new Concertato Series is a festival hymn setting perfect for the Easter season. Arranger, Paul Leddington Wright, has crafted a majestic setting of the Handel tune for SATB choir with Organ, optional Brass, Timpani and Congregation. This stunning arrangement brings out the wonderfully accessible harmonic possibilities in this time honored hymn. The Brass packet includes a Conductor's Score and parts for: Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Horn in F, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, and Percussion.

ALLELUIA, CHRIST IS RISEN (An Easter Introit) (Choral)

Jay L. Althouse / Words By: Jay L. Althouse

Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, here is a festive offering from Jay Althouse, ideal for opening your Easter Day service. It begins with a fanfare-like section followed by a flowing melody. The voice parts are easily learned and the accompaniment works equally well on piano or organ. Optional brass and timpani add an exuberant touch for your Easter celebration. Brass parts include conductor's score, trumpets, French horn, trombone, and tuba. SATB w/ opt. Brass


David Haas / Words By: Brian Wren / Arr. Mark Hayes

Hear the joy of Easter morning with Mark Hayes' festive setting of this Brian Wren hymn text paired with David Haas' regal tune, HOSANNA. From the opening line "Christ is risen! Shout hosanna! Celebrate this day of days!" this expression of Easter joy captures the triumph of the resurrection. Brass parts include a Conductor's Score, B-Flat Trumpets 1 & 2, Trombones 1 & 2, and Horn in F in lieu of Trombone 1. SATB w/ opt. Brass


Allen Pote / Words By: Allen Pote

The story of Easter unfolds in this festive celebration by Allen Pote with a contrasting middle section featuring text from the hymn "Now the Green Blade Riseth." The conclusion is a triumphant exaltation of "Christ is risen, alleluia!" Optional parts for Brass (trumpets, trombones) and Timpani make this a glorious celebration of the resurrection.


William J. Gaither Arr. Joel Raney

The perfect opening to your Easter Day worship, this introit from Joel Raney on Gloria and Bill Gaither's beloved Easter hymn says it all, "Because he lives, I can face tomorrow." Optional Brass, Timpani and Handbells add to the glory. The 3-5 octave Handbell Part is included.


Sydney H. Nicholson / Words By: Michael R. Newbolt George W. Kitchin / Arr. Paul Leddington Wright

Launching a new Concertato Series, this festival hymn setting for SATB choirs with optional Brass and Congregation is ideal for Palm Sunday, Easter, and general worship. Arranger, Paul Leddington Wright, who is well-known in the UK for the BBC television series, Songs of Praise, is a master at leading congregational song. With this flexible, straight-forward setting, he offers plenty of dignity and poise, all capped by a brief but grand instrumental coda. Brass parts include conductor's score, trumpets (2 B-flat), trombone, horn (in F), tuba, and percussion.

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