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ALWAYS FROM JOY (Author's Collections)

Alan Gaunt

Here is a collection of texts from Britain's Alan Gaunt. This book is co-published with Stainer & Bell in London. His earlier works are available under the title "The Hymn Texts of Alan Gaunt."

AT YOUR ALTARS (Chants, Refrains, and Short Songs) (Author's Collections)

Various; Edited by Dan Damon

This collection, edited by Dan Damon, provides 98 short songs by various authors and composers that can be easily learned and memorized quickly. Most are arranged for four-part singing, but may also be sung in unison or by a single voice, making them suitable for individual prayer as well as corporate worship. Each hymn includes a 'suggested use' and the indexes include short biographical sketches of the hymn writers, some of which are published here for the first time. Dan's Introduction, sets out the way to use the pieces intelligently. Essential reading!

BENEATH A TRAVELLING STAR (Author's Collections)

Words By: Timothy Dudley-Smith

This is a sparkling collection of thirty contemporary carols and hymns for the seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany by Timothy Dudley-Smith, one of today's leading hymnwriters. Most are set to well-known tunes that have been selected and arranged by Lionel Dakers, one of the foremost church musicians of our time.

BEYOND OUR DREAMING (Author's Collections)

Words By: Timothy Dudley-Smith

Here are 36 new hymn texts written between 2008 and 2011 by Timothy Dudley-Smith. Included are notes and suggested tunes for each title plus a complete thematic index of all of Timothy Dudley-Smith's texts.

BLINDED BY THE DAZZLE (Author's Collections)

Andrew Pratt

Published in the UK by Stainer & Bell, this is a collection of 80 hymns and lyrical poems by Methodist minister, Andrew Pratt.

BLUE WALTZ (Author's Collections)

Words By: Mary Kay Beall

A delightful collection of poems written by Mary Kay Beall. Although she's widely known as a hymn writer and choral lyricist, she's also been writing poetry which has, until now, gone unpublished. Here is a collection of her favorites, guaranteed to make you reflect and smile.

BRING MANY NAMES (Author's Collections)

Brian Wren

A collection of 35 hymn texts written by Brian Wren from 1986 through 1988. All appear with new tunes, many of which were specifically written for the Wren words.

CALENDAR OF PRAISE, A (Author's Collections)

Words By: Timothy Dudley-Smith

30 contemporary hymns for seasons of the Christian year.

CHRIST OUR HOPE (Author's Collections)

Words By: Brian Wren

A collection of new hymn texts from one of today's preeminent hymn text writers, Brian Wren. Many are paired with new hymn tunes written by a variety of composers.


Tom Colvin

Forty-three songs from Africa are included in this valuable resource. Like Tom Colvin's first collection of African hymns, "Fill Us with Your Love" (1983, Code No. 431), this collection includes English language translations of songs written for the churches in Africa.

COME, REJOICE! (Author's Collections)

London The Jubilate Group

COME, YOU PEOPLE OF THE PROMISE (Author's Collections)

Joy F. Patterson

Joy Patterson is a highly respected author and composer of both hymn texts and tunes. This is a collection of her best-known works as well as some new material published here for the first time. The Foreword is by Carl P. Daw, Jr.

DELIGHT THAT NEVER DIES (Author's Collections)

Alan Gaunt

The third collection of hymns by Alan Gaunt, bringing together 97 new texts written between November 1996 and February 2003. In addition, there are 22 translations from the Danish of N F S Grundtvig (1783-1872), and nine other translations, including six from the Welsh of William Williams (Pantycelyn). The Forward, by Professor Richard Watson of Durham University, places Gaunt's recent oeuvre in the context of his wide reading of other poets and Christian thinkers, and of the major themes and challenges of contemporary hymnody.

DOOR FOR THE WORD, A (Author's Collections)

Words By: Timothy Dudley-Smith

A collection of 36 new hymn texts by Bishop Timothy Dudley-Smith written between 2002 & 2005, following the publication of his collected works, "A House of Praise."

EVERY DAY IN YOUR SPIRIT (Author's Collections)

Shirley Erena Murray

This is a collection of 41 hymns written by Shirley Erena Murray between 1992 and 1996. Spiral bound, all but the last four hymns appear with tunes.

FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE: Songs for the Church (Author's Collections)

Lim Swee Hong

Dr. Lim Swee Hong is the Deer Park Assistant Professor of Sacred Music, and Director of the Master of Sacred Music Program at Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto, Canada. As C. Michael Hawn writes in the foreword, "Composing tunes...is a skill that requires much more insight than most would realize...Swee Hong brings theological insight, poetic knowledge, an understanding of the assembly's vocal skills, and musical artistry to this task." Included here are 59 original hymn tunes set to contemporary texts. The tune names are included in the song list below.

FAITH MAKES THE SONG (Author's Collections)

Shirley Erena Murray

This is the third collection of hymns by Shirley Erena Murray to be released by Hope Publishing Company (2003), and contains her new hymns written between 1997 and 2002. Her first collection, "In Every Corner Sing" (1992), contains 84 of her hymns, all but four of which appear with music. "Every Day in Your Spirit" (1996) contains 41 hymns, 37 of which are set to a hymn tune.

FAITH RENEWED (Author's Collections)

Brian Wren

This 1995 collection contains the best of the old and best of the new. Dr. Wren has updated a number of his earlier hymns and mixed those with the new texts he has written since 1992.

FAITH WILL SING (Author's Collections)

Daniel Charles Damon

A collection of 24 hymn texts and tunes by the talented Dan Damon. A new listening CD from Daniel Charles Damon, recorded at Trinity United Church in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, featuring selections from Faith Will Sing and The Sound of Welcome. For further information and a complete listing of recorded hymns, click here: like a child.

FIELDS OF MERCY (Author's Collections)

Daniel Charles Damon / Words By: Daniel Charles Damon

Thirty-three new hymns and chants by Dan Damon. Also included are 5 Unison/Band Settings and complete notes about the hymns.

FILL US WITH YOUR LOVE (Author's Collections)

Tom Colvin

A collection of 37 hymns from Africa - many published for the first time.

GARDEN OF JOY (Author's Collections)

Daniel Charles Damon / Words By: Daniel Charles Damon

Dan Damon is known as one of a few persons who are gifted both in crafting texts and composing tunes, and he constantly strives to build on these gifts. In this collection of 35 new hymns and songs, Dan's texts continue to break new ground, exploring new themes. The tunes, also, have a modern tonality, with echoes of the jazz music Dan performs publicly.

GATHERED FOR WORSHIP (Author's Collections)

Words By: Carl P. Daw Jr.

Fifty new psalms & hymns written by the past-Executive Director of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada, Carl P. Daw, Jr. The book contains texts only and can be viewed on our website under "Online Hymnody." Suggested tunes will be posted soon as well.

GO FORTH FOR GOD: The Hymns of J.R. Peacey (Author's Collections)

J. R. Peacey

A remarkable collection of hymns published 20 years after the author's death. A significant British hymnwriter only now being discovered.

GOD GIVES US A SONG! (A Collection of Texts and Tunes for Worship) (Author's Collections)

John Carter / Words By: Mary Kay Beall

This 2010 collection includes: (1) previously published texts which might be "born again" with a new tune or in a new setting; (2) new texts with a tune which might inspire a choral setting; (3) new texts that may cry out for a tune and for publication. The collection includes 66 texts and 23 tunes (many of which are by John Carter). Also included are extensive indexes and notes about the hymns. Don Hustad so aptly reminds us that singing in worship does not require a solo voice. He says, "The relevant question is not 'Do you have a voice?' but "Do you have a song?'"

GRACE, NOTED (Author's Collections)

Jane Marshall

With encouragement and assistance from Rosemary Heffley, composer Jane Marshall has pulled together resources from a career of teaching, preaching, writing and composing that give an insight into the life of this extraordiinary person.

HOLDING IN TRUST (Author's Collections)

A 204-page collection featuring the best of the hymns held under copyright of The Hymn SocietyA 204-page collection featuring the best of the hymns held under copyright of The Hymn Society

HOUSE OF PRAISE, A (Author's Collections)

Words By: Timothy Dudley-Smith

These are the collected hymn texts from 1961-2001 of one of the most widely published contemporary English hymnwriters. Timothy Dudley-Smith has been writing hymn texts for more than 40 years, and one or more of these hymns appears in more than 250 hymnals throughout the English-speaking world.

HOUSE OF PRAISE, A - part two (Author's Collections)

Words By: Timothy Dudley-Smith

The second volume of hymns, written between 2002-2013, by Timothy Dudley-Smith.

HYMN TEXTS OF ALAN GAUNT, THE (Author's Collections)

Alan Gaunt

Alan Gaunt is a minister of the United Reformed Church serving in Windermere. This 160 page volume brings together his corpus of writing and contains a preface by Alan Luff.

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