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PRAISE TO THE NAME (Author's Collections)

Words By: Timothy Dudley-Smith

A collection of 36 new hymn texts by Bishop Timothy Dudley-Smith written between 2005 & 2008, following the publication of his collected works, "A House of Praise" and subsequent collection, "A Door for the Word."

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Song List
  • A City Strong We Claim as Ours
  • A Heart of Love the Lord Displays
  • A Man to Christ Committed
  • As One in Christ the Lord
  • Behold, the Kingdom Is the Lord's
  • Child of Mary, Softly Sleeping
  • Christ Bids Us Break the Bread
  • Christ Is the Shining Sun of All Our Days
  • Come, Rejoice with All Things Living
  • Draw Near to God, He Is Not Far to Seek
  • Draw Near to God in Humble Adoration
  • Fathers and Mothers, Sisters and Brothers
  • Freed in Christ from Death and Sin
  • From the Deep Places, Hear My Cry
  • God Who Formed the Mighty Ocean
  • In Christ Is All I Need
  • Jesus, the Saving Name
  • Jesus the Son
  • Last of the Great Prophetic Line
  • Let This Prayer, O Lord, Be Granted
  • Lift High Your Hearts in Blessing
  • Light on the Path, a Lamp about Our Way
  • Light to the World, a Child Is Born
  • O Cross, Between Whose Branches Bare
  • O God of Heaven, from Whose Hand
  • O God, Whose Angels See Your Face
  • Our God and Father, Whose Eternal Mind
  • Peace Be to You, Was Jesus' Word
  • Rejoice in God, My Heart
  • Songs in the Night at Jesus' Birth
  • The Lord Is King, Enthroned in Might
  • To God, Our God, the Nations' Lord
  • Whom God Has Summoned by His Word
  • Whose Is the Voice which Makes the Winds to Blow?
  • Whose Mighty Word the Heavens Made
  • Wonder of All Wonders
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