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1861- Biglow & Main founded; acquired by Hope in 1922
1871- 13-year-old, Henry "Harry" Sheperd Date emigrates to U.S. with family
1892- Henry Date rents a one-room office to house the stock of 1st songbook, founds Hope
1894- cousin, George H. Shorney, joins firm
1896- Francis "Frank" G. Kingsbury is employed as an "office boy"
1900- Christmas season logbook lists 51 employees
1909- three-story brick building at 5707 W. Lake St. built to house operations
1915- Henry Date dies; George H. Shorney becomes president, Kingsbury secretary
1919- George Shorney dies; Frank Kingsbury assumes presidency
1920- Gordon D. Shorney, George Shorney's son, joins firm as secretary
1922- Hope acquires Biglow & Main Company of New York; George C. Stebbins assigns copyrights
1925- Kingsbury organizes first meeting of the Church Music Publishers' Association
1926- Kingsbury retires; Gordon Shorney becomes Hope's fourth president and his brother, G. Herbert "Herb" Shorney becomes secretary
1929- company acquires Tabernacle Publishing Company
1931- Hope acquires E.O. Excell Company
1932- Depression in full swing; staff reduced to 12 members
1935- "The Service Hymnal" published, helping Hope get back on its feet; joins the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
1941- "Tabernacle Hymns" published, paper shortages delay widespread distribution five years
1943- copyright agreement with William M. Runyan, author of "Great is Thy Faithfulness"
1950- Donald P. Hustad becomes part-time music editor
1957- "Worship and Service Hymnal" published
1958- Hope welcomes third generation: George H. Shorney joins management team
1964- Gordon Shorney dies; Herbert Shorney becomes president, his son, George, vice-president, and his (Herb's) youngest son, William "Bill" G. Shorney leaves banking job to become business and finance manager
1966- John F. Wilson becomes first full-time music editor
1967- folk song collection, "A Time to Sing," published
1968- education division, Somerset Press, formed
1970- G. Herbert becomes first chairman; George Shorney becomes sixth president; Bill Shorney made vice-president
1971- Agape division founded by Carlton "Sam" R. Young
1971- Groundbreaking ceremony held on December 1
1972- Hope moves operations to modern, one-story, brick and glass warehouse in Carol Stream, Ill on June 12
1975- Hustad's "Hymns for the Living Church" published
1975- hymn writer, Fred Kaan signs contract with Hope; David Weck joins Hope as part-time employee
1976- Herbert Shorney dies
1977- "Joy in the Morning" by Natalie Sleeth, Hope's all-time, best-selling choral piece, published; "Ecumenical Praise" published
1978- Jack Schrader becomes part-time editor
1980- Hope becomes copyright agent for the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada; colleagues, Dick Avery and Don Marsh assign copyrights to Hope
1981- Tom Colvin assigns hymns he collected in Africa to Hope
1982- copyright agreements signed with Brian Wren, Fred Pratt Green, Timothy-Dudley Smith, and Erik Routley; John Carter and Mary Kay Beall are hired to handle new volume of hymnody
1983- Weck becomes full-time editor
1984- Schrader becomes full-time editor
1985- agreement with Jubilate Hymns Ltd. allows Hope to represent copyrights in U.S. and Canada
1988- Carl P. Daw signs contract with Hope; agreement with Gordon Knights, allowing Hope to represents copyrights of Hymns Ancient and Modern in all territories but U.K.
1990- "The Worshiping Church: A Hymnal" compiled by Hustad, published
1991- Shirley Erena Murray, New Zealand hymn writer, enters agreement with Hope
1992- Hope celebrates its 100th birthday; George Shorney retires from presidency, becomes chairman; Bill Shorney becomes seventh president; fourth generation joins Hope when George’s son, John L. Shorney becomes creative director; Schrader appointed executive editor
1996-Scott Shorney joins Hope as copyright manager
1998- Steve Shorney becomes marketing director
2001- "Worship and Rejoice" published; Bill and George Shorney retire; John Shorney becomes eight president; Scott and Steve Shorney become vice-presidents
2008- Joel Raney named associate editor
2011- Dan Damon and Carl P. Daw, Jr. are named as Associate Editors. Dan Damon enters into agreement for Hope to administer copyrights for his hymns exclusively.
2012- Hope celebrates 120 years!
2013- Completed 6-year project to produce the hymnal Community of Christ Sings for the Community of Christ denomination. Also assisted in the production of the hymnal Glory to God for the Presbyterian Publishing Company.
2014- Ron Klusmeier (Musiklus) and Walter Farquarson, two prominent Canadian hymn writers, enter into agreement with Hope to administer the copyrights to their hymns.
2015- Entered into an agreement with the Christian Science Publishing Society to produce their new hymn supplement, due out in 2016. International Distribution agreement signed with Hal Leonard Corporation to distribute Hope publications globally.