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Hope History Timeline

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1861- Biglow & Main founded; acquired by Hope in 1922
1871- 13-year-old, Henry "Harry" Sheperd Date emigrates to U.S. with family
1892- Henry Date rents a one-room office to house the stock of 1st songbook, founds Hope
1894- cousin, George H. Shorney, joins firm
1896- Francis "Frank" G. Kingsbury is employed as an "office boy"
1900- Christmas season logbook lists 51 employees
1909- three-story brick building at 5707 W. Lake St. built to house operations
1915- Henry Date dies; George H. Shorney becomes president, Kingsbury secretary
1919- George Shorney dies; Frank Kingsbury assumes presidency
1920- Gordon D. Shorney, George Shorney's son, joins firm as secretary
1922- Hope acquires Biglow & Main Company of New York; George C. Stebbins assigns copyrights
1925- Kingsbury organizes first meeting of the Church Music Publishers' Association
1926- Kingsbury retires; Gordon Shorney becomes Hope's fourth president and his brother, G. Herbert "Herb" Shorney becomes secretary
1929- company acquires Tabernacle Publishing Company
1931- Hope acquires E.O. Excell Company
1932- Depression in full swing; staff reduced to 12 members
1935- "The Service Hymnal" published, helping Hope get back on its feet; joins the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
1941- "Tabernacle Hymns" published, paper shortages delay widespread distribution five years
1943- copyright agreement with William M. Runyan, author of "Great is Thy Faithfulness"
1950- Donald P. Hustad becomes part-time music editor
1957- "Worship and Service Hymnal" published
1958- Hope welcomes third generation: George H. Shorney joins management team
1964- Gordon Shorney dies; Herbert Shorney becomes president, his son, George, vice-president, and his (Herb's) youngest son, William "Bill" G. Shorney leaves banking job to become business and finance manager
1966- John F. Wilson becomes first full-time music editor
1967- folk song collection, "A Time to Sing," published
1968- education division, Somerset Press, formed
1970- G. Herbert becomes first chairman; George Shorney becomes sixth president; Bill Shorney made vice-president
1971- Agape division founded by Carlton "Sam" R. Young
1971- Groundbreaking ceremony held on December 1
1972- Hope moves operations to modern, one-story, brick and glass warehouse in Carol Stream, Ill on June 12
1975- Hustad's "Hymns for the Living Church" published
1975- hymn writer, Fred Kaan signs contract with Hope; David Weck joins Hope as part-time employee
1976- Herbert Shorney dies
1977- "Joy in the Morning" by Natalie Sleeth, Hope's all-time, best-selling choral piece, published; "Ecumenical Praise" published
1978- Jack Schrader becomes part-time editor
1980- Hope becomes copyright agent for the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada; colleagues, Dick Avery and Don Marsh assign copyrights to Hope
1981- Tom Colvin assigns hymns he collected in Africa to Hope
1982- copyright agreements signed with Brian Wren, Fred Pratt Green, Timothy-Dudley Smith, and Erik Routley; John Carter and Mary Kay Beall are hired to handle new volume of hymnody
1983- Weck becomes full-time editor
1984- Schrader becomes full-time editor
1985- agreement with Jubilate Hymns Ltd. allows Hope to represent copyrights in U.S. and Canada
1988- Carl P. Daw signs contract with Hope; agreement with Gordon Knights, allowing Hope to represents copyrights of Hymns Ancient and Modern in all territories but U.K.
1990- "The Worshiping Church: A Hymnal" compiled by Hustad, published
1991- Shirley Erena Murray, New Zealand hymn writer, enters agreement with Hope
1992- Hope celebrates its 100th birthday; George Shorney retires from presidency, becomes chairman; Bill Shorney becomes seventh president; fourth generation joins Hope when George’s son, John L. Shorney becomes as creative director; Scrader appointed executive editor
1996-Scott Shorney joins Hope as copyright manager
1998- Stephen W. "Steve" Shorney becomes marketing director
2001- "Worship and Rejoice" published; Bill and George Shorney retire; John Shorney becomes eight president; Scott and Steve Shorney become vice-presidents
2008- Joel Raney named associate editor