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Hidden Christ, Alive for Ever

1. Hidden Christ, alive for ever,
            Savior, Servant, Friend and Lord,
    year by year, unseen, you offer
            life undying, love outpoured.
    Day by day, you walk among us,
            known and honored, yet concealed,
    freeing, chiding, leading, guiding,
            till your glory is revealed.

2. Endless orbits by our planet
            spinning round its speeding star
    cannot trace creation's secret:
            why we live, and whose we are.
    Jesus, you alone uncover
            nature's rhythm, reason, rhyme,
    so your birthday is our center:
            hinge of history and time.

3. Still your life and way of living,
            God-revealing, Spirit-blown,
    teaching, healing, sins forgiving,
            measure and inspire our own;
    loving earth's despised, rejected,
            till with them you hang in pain,
    broken, buried, resurrected,
            life laid down, our life to gain.

4. Who can tell, through earthly eons,
            all your loving power has done,
    changing hearts and shaping nations,
            seeking all, rejecting none?
    Speeches fail, but songs soar higher,
            tracing how, in every place,
    twice ten hundred years have numbered
            countless works of boundless grace!

5. Christ our hope, alive among us,
            take our love, our work, our prayer.
    We will trust and tell your purpose,
            braving evil and despair;
    in your name befriending, mending,
            making peace and setting free,
    showing, giving and acclaiming
            signs of joy and jubilee.

Brian Wren
Words © 1999 Hope Publishing Company

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Product Code: 8222, 8019, 8020

Collections: Christ Our Hope - Wren|Supplement 99|Worship & Rejoice

Scriptural Reference: Psalms 51:10; Isaiah 53:3-6; Matthew 28:20; John 1:1-3, 14, 14:12-14, 16:5-20; Colossians 1:27; Hebrews 13:5

Theme: Anniversary, Christmas, Epiphany, Jesus Christ - Birth, Jesus Christ - Presence, Jesus Christ - Reign, Music & Singing, Praise to Christ

Author(s): Wren, Brian (More Hymns | Biography)

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Date Uploaded: Fri Jul 15 00:00:00 2005

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