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God Who Formed the Mighty Ocean

       for a Festival of the Sea

God who formed the mighty ocean,
     loosed the winds upon their ways,
gave the circling planets motion
     in their round of ceaseless praise,
hear our thanks for hearts that love us,
     for the hour that gave us birth,
heirs of starry skies above us
     and the seas of all the earth.

Hold within your care unsleeping
     all who face tempestuous seas,
harvests from the waters reaping,
     God be thanked for such as these.
Earth is rich beyond all measure,
     may we prize her gifts the more,
we who find our work or pleasure
     on the seas or by the shore.

Guard, when stormy waves are breaking,
     those who cross the oceans wide;
share with them their watchful waking,
     be with them through wind and tide.
Christ our Savior, friend unfailing,
     as the seas of life we roam,
chart our course and guide our sailing
     safe to harbor and to home.

Timothy Dudley-Smith
Words © 2006 Hope Publishing Company

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Collections: A House of Praise, part two - Dudley-Smith|Praise to the Name - Dudley-Smith

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Theme: Creation, Guidance, Nature

Author(s): Dudley-Smith, Timothy (More Hymns | Biography)

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Date Uploaded: Thu Oct 5 14:27:11 2006

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