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Bring Many Names

Bring many names,
       beautiful and good,
celebrate, in parable and story,
       holiness in glory,
       living, loving God.
Hail and Hosanna!
Bring many names!

Strong mother God,
       working night and day,
planning all the wonders of creation,
       setting each equation
       gen-i-us at play:
Hail and Hosanna,
strong mother God!

Warm father God,
       hugging every child,
feeling the strains of human living,
       caring and forgiving
       till we're reconciled:
Hail and Hosanna,
warm father God!

Old, aching God,
       grey with endless care,
calmly piercing evil's new disguises,
       glad of good surprises,
       wiser than despair:
Hail and Hosanna,
old, aching God!

Young, growing God,
       eager, on the move,
saying no to falsehood and unkindness,
       crying out for justice,
       giving all you have:
Hail and Hosanna,
young, growing God!

Great, living God,
       never fully known,
joyful darkness far beyond our seeing,
       closer yet than breathing,
       everlasting home:
Hail and Hosanna,
great, living God!

Brian Wren
Words © 1989 Hope Publishing Company

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Product Code: 898, 1884, 8846

Collections: 100 Top Hope Hymns|Bring Many Names - Wren|Faith, Hope, and Love - Lim|Hymn Sampler Eighty Nine|Piece Together Praise - Wren|Visions and Revisions - Wren

Scriptural Reference: Genesis 1:27; Isaiah 2:13-17; Daniel 7:9; Amos 5:21-24; Matthew 6:26, 7:11

Theme: God - Names, Praise of God

Author(s): Wren, Brian (More Hymns | Biography)

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Date Uploaded: Fri Feb 15 11:05:20 2008

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