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Dust and Ashes Touch Our Face

Dust and ashes touch our face,
mark our failure and our falling.
       Holy Spirit, come,
       walk with us tomorrow,
       take us as disciples,
washed and wakened by your calling.

       Take us by the hand and lead us,
       lead us through the desert sands,
       bring us living water,
       Holy Spirit, come.

Dust and ashes soil our hands --
greed of market, pride of nation.
       Holy Spirit, come,
       walk with us tomorrow
       as we pray and struggle
through the meshes of oppression.
       Ref. Take us by the hand ...

Dust and ashes choke our tongue
in the wasteland of depression.
       Holy Spirit, come,
       walk with us tomorrow,
       through all the gloom and grieving
to the paths of resurrection.
       Ref. Take us by the hand ...

Brian Wren
Words © 1989 Hope Publishing Company

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Product Code: 1884, 8437

Collections: Bring Many Names - Wren|Hymns for Our Time - Hopson|Piece Together Praise - Wren

Scriptural Reference: Genesis 3:19, 18:27; Job 42:6; Isaiah 58:5-9; Jonah 2:5-9; John 4:13-14

Theme: Conversion, Holy Spirit, Lent

Author(s): Wren, Brian (More Hymns | Biography)

Suggested Hymn Tune: DUST AND ASHES - Hopson, Hal H. (More Hymns | Biography)

Poetic Meter:

Date Uploaded: Tue Feb 26 12:35:08 2008

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