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Blessed Be the God of Israel

Blessed be the God of Israel
       who comes to set us free
and raises up new hope for us:
       a Branch from David's tree.
So have the prophets long declared
       that with a mighty arm
God would turn back our enemies
       and all who wish us harm.

With promised mercy will God still
       the covenant recall,
the oath once sworn to Abraham,
       from foes to save us all;
that we might worship without fear
       and offer lives of praise,
in holiness and righteousness
       to serve God all our days.

My child, as prophet of the Lord,
       you will prepare the way,
to tell God's people they are saved
       from sin's eternal sway.
Then shall God's mercy from on high
       shine forth and never cease
to drive away the gloom of death
       and lead us into peace.

Carl P. Daw, Jr.
Words © 1989 Hope Publishing Company

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Scriptural Reference: Luke 1:20-22, 63-64, 68-79; Isaiah 11:1, 10; Revelation 5:5; Psalms 105:8, 106:45; Micah 7:20; Genesis 22:16-17, 26:3; Jeremiah 11:5; Malachi 3:1; Isaiah 40:3

Theme: Advent, Promise & Hope, Word & Teaching

Author(s): Daw Jr., Carl P. (More Hymns | Biography)

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Poetic Meter: C.M.D.

Date Uploaded: Wed May 14 10:15:08 2008

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