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Come to This Christmas Singing!

Come to this Christmas singing!
come to a birthday, bringing
       gifts from our country's treasure,
       beauty of shell and stone:
              wisdom the old have taught us,
              laughter the young have brought us,
                     love to surround a manger,
                     making this child our own.

Wealth of our land and water,
riches of race and culture --
       these be our gold and incense
       offered for Christmas Day:
              where we make peace, declare it,
              where we have much, let's share it,
                     aroha warm our hearts,
                     and aroha be our way.

Here where the sheep are grazing,
where summer sun is blazing,
       harvests for others ripen,
       food for the world can grow:
              Christ of a cold December,
              quicken us to remember
                     poverty in a stable,
                     need, like the sting of snow.

Shirley Erena Murray
Words © 1992 Hope Publishing Company

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Collections: Christmastime Hymns|In Every Corner Sing - Murray

Scriptural Reference:

Theme: Christmas

Author(s): Murray, Shirley Erena (More Hymns | Biography)

Suggested Hymn Tune: GERALDINE - Gibson, Colin (More Hymns | Biography)

Poetic Meter:

Date Uploaded: Tue Jun 3 15:44:48 2008

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