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We Gather at Your Table, Lord

We gather at your table, Lord,
     because you bid us come.
Our lives, though scattered through the week,
     we now unite as one.
Before us is the bread, the wine;
     prepare our souls to eat.
Come join us by your Spirit, Lord,
     and make the feast complete.

Remind us of our sacred past,
     our roots in Israel's soil.
Refresh us with your presence now
     as through today we toil.
And point us toward the future, Lord,
     your kingdom we would know,
and for our friends around us here,
     our hearts in love would grow.

We gather as your people, Lord;
     you call, and we must heed.
Our power by itself is weak;
     it is your strength we need.
Your Spirit dwell within our hearts;
     your voice speak loud and clear,
and fill us with you power and might
     as we assemble here.

Into the world again we take
     your covenant of grace.
Refreshed by taking time to pause
     from our own selfish pace.
May love be ours and overflow
     that all the world may see
that you will be our holy God,
     your people we will be.

William Martin
Words © 1980 The Hymn Society (admin. Hope Publishing Company)

Product Code: 1097

Sources: "The Hymn" 31:62 (January 1980)

Collections: Holding in Trust - The Hymn Society

Scriptural Reference:

Theme: Faith, Lord's Supper

Author(s): Martin, William (More Hymns | Biography)

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Poetic Meter: C.M.D.

Date Uploaded: Tue Jun 16 09:21:15 2009

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