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God of Unchanging Grace

God of unchanging grace,
     to whom alone be praise,
whose faithfulness and care embrace
     the measure of our days,
for all that lies behind,
     for blessings yet in store,
for every task by love assigned,
     we worship and adore.

Praise for the word of truth,
     that word divinely given,
the lamp, alike of age and youth,
     to light our way to heaven.
By every race and tongue,
     where Jesus' Name is known,
let songs of thankfulness be sung,
     the word of life be sown.

Look to the Lord in prayer,
     the flock of Jesus tend;
may every child know love and care
     and find in Christ a friend.
For broken lives renewed,
     set free from sin and shame,
and with the Spirit's power endued,
     we praise your holy Name.

Come, then, to pledge anew
     before the Father's throne,
in all we think or speak or do,
     to make the Savior known;
his cross be still our sign,
     our hope his promised word,
in service to the King divine,
     our Savior and our Lord.

Timothy Dudley-Smith
Words © 2013 Hope Publishing Company

Product Code: 8640

Collections: A House of Praise, part two - Dudley-Smith

Scriptural Reference:

Theme: Anniversary, Evangelism, Mission, Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Author(s): Dudley-Smith, Timothy (More Hymns | Biography)

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Poetic Meter: S.M.D. ( (Short Meter Double)

Date Uploaded: Fri Jul 25 12:23:03 2014

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