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Bray, Jillian M.

JILLIAN M. BRAY (b. 1939) is a graduate of Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. Writing songs, operettas, cantatas, piano and organ pieces, chamber music and arrangements for choirs has been a lifelong interest. Lately she has been particularly involved in writing hymns, anthems and piano music. Jillian joined the New Zealand Hymnbook Trust aa a music editor, soon after it was formed, and has enjoyed a long association with Shirley and John Murray who also live on the Kapiti Coast. Music and hymn texts are often exchanged. Their work appears in "Alleluia Aotearoa," "Carol our Christmas" and "Faith forever singing" published by NZHBT. Also in volumes of Shirley's work published by Hope Publishing Company. Jillian has written tunes to texts by Brian Wren, Rusty Edwards and others. Her piano music is listed in several grades of St. Cecilia examination syllabus. (Australia).