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Hymns Ancient and Modern

From their website:

"A large number of hymnbooks were in use by disparate groups within the Church of England by the mid-Victorian period, and a chance meeting in a railway carriage by two clergymen led to the formation of a group of like-minded supporters to consider the viability of producing a single hymnal.

"From these inauspicious beginnings, the first Hymns Ancient & Modern was published in 1860, and became firmly established world-wide. Having been run as a loose-knit `proprietorship' for over a century, it was realised that the commercial demands of the late twentieth century required the company to be placed on a sound footing, and in 1975 Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd was created. It is estimated that since its inception, in excess of 165 million copies of Hymns Ancient & Modern have been sold."

Hope Publishing Company has been administering the hymns of Hymns Ancient and Modern in all territories outside the United Kingdom since 1988. For more information on Hymns Ancient and Modern, click here.