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Hope administers many copyrights and exercises territorial control for copyrights over various regions of the world. Listed here are the companies, authors and composers whom Hope represents worldwide or in various regions.

Represented Companies


The Hymn Society in the United States & Canada

Hymns Ancient & Modern
All territories except the UK

Jubilate Hymns
All territories except the UK

Stainer & Bell (Hymnody Only)
USA & Canada Only

Represented Authors and Composers

(Author / Composer Owned by Hope Publishing)

Peter Cutts
USA & Canada; Stainer & Bell elsewhere

Carl P. Daw, Jr.

Timothy Dudley-Smith
All territories except UK, Africa & Europe (controlled by Oxford University Press)

Walter Farquharson

Fred Pratt Green
USA & Canada; Stainer & Bell elsewhere

Fred Kaan
USA & Canada; Stainer & Bell elsewhere

Ron Klusmeier

Shirley Erena Murray
All territories except New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and Pacific-rim countries (controlled by the author herself)

J. R. Peacey
All territories except UK (controlled by Mary Hancock)

Doreen Potter

Erik Routley
USA & Canada (and worldwide for "New Songs of Celebration Render"); Oxford University Press elsewhere (and worldwide for songs first published in "Cantate Domino")

Jeffery Rowthorn

Cyril V. Taylor
USA & Canada; Oxford University Press elsewhere

John W. Wilson
USA, Canada, Pacific-rim countries, South Africa, Brazil & Mexico; Oxford University Press elsewhere

Brian Wren
USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand; Stainer & Bell elsewhere

PACIFIC-RIM TERRITORIES include: Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Melanesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoan Islands, French Polynesia, and neighboring countries and territories.