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Music By: Andrať Crouch / Arr. Hart Morris

The easy rock feel of this gospel favorite is preserved in this exciting new arrangement from Hart Morris. The use of martellato and thumb damp (or mallets) adds an intriguing percussive element, and the addition of optional bass and drum parts further enhances the performance of this dynamic setting.

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2274P Bass & Drum Part N/A $5.50
2274 3-6 oct. w/opt. bass and drums 3-6L3+ $5.50 View Sample
2274P1DP Bass & Drum Part
Digital Print - Minimum Order 1
N/A $5.50
22746DP 3-6 oct. w/opt. bass and drums
Digital Print - Minimum Order 6
3-6L3+ $5.50

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Scriptural References
  • 1 Corinthians 15:54
  • Acts 1:10-11
  • Revelation 21:3-4, 22:20, 7:17
Music By
  • Andrať Crouch
Arranged By