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CHRIST OUR HOPE (Author's Collections)

Words By: Brian Wren

A collection of new hymn texts from one of today's preeminent hymn text writers, Brian Wren. Many are paired with new hymn tunes written by a variety of composers.

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Song List
  • Abraham, Sarah Too
  • Across the Bridge of Fates Unknown
  • Alleluia, Christ Our Savior
  • Are Shepherds Good
  • Behiind the Captivating Claims
  • Beyond a Gentle Tolerance
  • Bring Down the Walls
  • By Grace Reborn
  • Carry the Flame
  • Christ Is the Shepherd Strong
  • Christ Jesus, Lead Us On
  • Christ Leads
  • Declare the Great Good News
  • Deep Origin of Everything
  • Each Seeking Faith
  • Friends of Christ, Rejoice
  • From All Lands, Our Land Has Gathered
  • Gathered by a Greater Purpose
  • Give Thanks for Music-Making Art
  • Give Us a New Song
  • Good News!
  • Great God, with Love
  • Great Love, Your Loveliness Is Signed
  • Hidden Christ, Alive for Ever
  • In Christ We Live
  • Jesus
  • Jesus Christ Is Our Story
  • Jesus, on the Mountain Peak
  • Joyful Now We Join Our Voices
  • Living Christ, Our Great Foundation
  • Looking, Longing for Direction
  • Praise the Restless, Roving Spirit
  • Praise the Source Beyond Our Seeing
  • Sing and Tell Our Savior's Story
  • Surprise Us by the Words We Sing
  • The Name We Have Begun to Know
  • The Thundering Voice that Split the Skies
  • Three Things I Promise
  • When Love Is Found
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