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A Composer's Experience

Joel Raney talks about his path starting out as a struggling young pianist and the adventure that lead to his successful career as a composer in modern sacred music.

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Similar to my popular series of Advent Candle Lighting Ceremonies, here is a worship experience for the six Sundays of Lent. It includes a choral opening followed by a chorus by Marty Haugen that beautifully summarizes the meaning of the journey of Lent. The congregation is invited to join in the chorus, and then to participate in a responsive litany followed by a prayer of confession, after which the congregation and choir reprise the chorus. The litanies and prayers, as well as parts for the congregation, a C instrument part and chord symbols are all included and may be reproduced.

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Joel Raney


With a text based on Colossians 3:12-14 and original music by me, here is a compelling anthem calling for the church to bind together in compassion, kindness, forgiveness and, "above all else," love. The beautiful piano accompaniment supports well-crafted vocal lines that soar with the text, making this a memorable selection for the singers and listeners alike.

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Duo-pianists will enjoy the novelty of performing familiar hymns and spirituals at one keyboard with my many colorful harmonic and rhythmic twists. These gospel titles are easily learned and loads of fun to play.

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CD Recordings

Joel Raney

This is My Story,
This is My Song

Joel Raney


What's Joel Up To?

Joel Raney: Music Florida
January 6 & 7
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Joel Raney: Composers Weekend & Concert -
Covenant Presbyterian Church in Ft. Meyers, FL
January 15 & 16
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Joel Raney: Winter Music Texas -
Dallas, TX
January 18 & 19
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Joel Raney: Voices In Praise -
Houston, TX
January 22 & 23
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Joel Raney: Composer Weekend & Concert
Southwood Lutheran Church
Lincoln, NE
January 30 & 31
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Joel Raney: In Concert with the Singing Men of Oakbrook
Oakbrook, IL
April 10