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HYMNS & HANDBELLS Easy Handbell Accomp. For Cong. Singing

Arr. Joel Raney Lloyd Larson

These 25 easy hymn accompaniments are designed to enhance and heighten the power of hymn singing in worship with the brilliance of handbells. Each of the hymns are arranged in two settings to be played with the organist or pianist and compatible with most hymnals. Setting one may be ideal for stanza one, while the second setting might be used for the final stanza. With "easy-to-learn" as their top priority, these are all Level 2 and many of them can be played without a bell table. The contents includes titles useful throughout the church year.


Arr. Lloyd Larson

This collection of ten popular hymns and songs arranged for C and/or B-flat instrumental duets continues Lloyd Larson's successful series of setting for two instruments. The book comes with 2 CDs, one that includes printable PDF files of the instrumental parts, and one that includes piano accompaniment tracks for each title.


Arr. Various Arrangers Compiled by Jane Holstein

This massive collection of piano settings contains 50 settings from 10 arrangers and is designed to provide the wedding pianist with a wealth of timeless favorites from the Hope catalog, along with some newer contemporary classics for the complete wedding ceremony, including "You Raise Me Up," "A Thousand Years," and "The Wind Beneath My Wings." The book is organized to follow the successive order of the ceremony: preludes, music for the seating of the mothers, bridal party processionals, fanfares and bridal processionals, service music, recessionals, and postludes.

GOSPEL GREATS: Accessible Anthems for SAB Choirs (Choral)

Arr. Larry Shackley Lloyd Larson, Mary McDonald, Joel Raney

Here are eight best-sellers from four of the most creative arrangers, known for their energetic, catchy gospel writing. Each of these are set for SAB voices and can be accompanied by piano, CD track, or Rhythm Parts which are available separately.


Arr. Joel Raney

Here is the 8th volume in our successful series of settings for women's choirs. Included are eight top-sellers composed and arranged by Joel Raney for SSA voices. There are selections for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Communion, and general occasions throughout the year. A CD of Accompaniment tracks is available for rehearsal and performance.

FIRED UP (Musicals)

Allen Pote / Words By: Tom Long

A lighthearted re-telling of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, this new musical for young voices includes all the elements we've come to expect from Tom and Allen: well-crafted accessible songs, clever humor, and a solid biblical message, in this case: we follow a loving God worthy of trust - regardless of the circumstances. Performance time is 35 minutes.

INSPIRATIONS: for 4-Hand Piano (Piano)

Arr. Joel Raney Mary McDonald

This collection includes seven 4-hand piano settings of some of the top inspirational songs of the day. Master arrangers, Joel Raney and Mary McDonald, collaborated on each arrangement. The settings are of moderate difficulty.

PIANO IMPRESSIONS II for Worship (Piano)

Arr. Marianne Kim

This collection of solo piano settings is the second volume of well-known contemporary titles arranged by the skillful hand of Marianne Kim. Each arrangement contains a perfect balance of nuanced harmonies along with a slight touch of jazz that Marianne is so adept at composing. Ideal for worship, these settings are of moderate difficulty.

CREATION SINGS: Vocal Solo Settings of the Songs of Keith Getty (Vocal)

Keith Getty & Keistyn Getty Arr. Lloyd Larson

This collection of ten Keith Getty Hymns arranged for medium voice soloist continues Lloyd Larson's successful series of vocal solo collections.


Gustav T. Holst / Words By: Michael Perry / Arr. Rodney Abriol

Newcomer to the Hope catalog, Rodney Abriol, has set THAXTED in a way that emphasizes a sense of wonder, as reflected in this popular contemporary hymn text. Varied textures in the vocal parts and supportive piano accompaniment add richness to the memorable melody.


Arr. Joseph M. Martin

This engaging communion anthem draws on the unity of all believers who are gathered to break bread. It features a powerful melody that supports the text, "Come to the feast and be restored, we are one at the table of Christ, the Lord!" the tune KINGSFOLD appears in the middle and perfectly complements the hymn text, "In Christ there is no east or west," making this an ideal selection for World Communion Sunday.


Mary McDonald

The familiar words of this beloved hymn are brought to new life with original music and rich piano accompaniment reminiscent of Brahms or Chopin. The power of this prayer is felt in new ways with its pleading melody and sustained choral lines. This compelling anthem is ideal for any worship service centering on the love of God.


David Haas Arr. Mark Hayes

Based on The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12), this text retells the words of Jesus to his followers and is filled with life lessons for each of us. The refrain, "rejoice and be glad," is a powerful moment that will leave everyone wanting to sing along! The option to add light rhythm takes it to another level of energy and enjoyment.Rhythm Parts: Conductor's Score, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Djembe & Violin.

PEACE (Choral)

Patricia Mock / Words By: Patricia Mock / Arr. Richard A. Nichols

This is an ideal anthem for services dealing with prayer for peace in our world and the prayer for the light of Christ to shine: "In a world where hatred seems so strong, may your grace right the wrong. Give your peace." Whether it is the strife we see around us, the worry we feel inside, or the shadows that gather during the course of our lives, we need God's peace. This choral setting, featuring a powerful text and gorgeous music, is a prayer for that peace.

IT IS WELL (Choral)

Philip P. Bliss Arr. Milt Friesen

We welcome Milt Friesen to the Hope catalog with this magnificent setting for SATB voices and piano accompaniment. Spafford's hymn text was written as a response to great personal tragedy and a response of incredible faith in the midst of adversity. The power of this hymn is captured in the masterful writing with rolling accompaniment, and harmonic shifts that float effortlessly over delicate syncopation and meter changes.


Mary McDonald / Words By: Frederick W. Faber

This compelling gospel setting pairs the familiar hymn text with original music to capture the alluring, early Americana feel, similar to Mary's setting of "Down to the River to Pray." This is a toe-tapper that draws everyone in on an expression of the vast love of God.Rhythm Parts: Conductor's Score, Piano, Synth (B3 Organ Pathc), Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion & Drums.


Arr. Marty Parks

With a text adapted from Psalm 95 and 96, here is a powerful rhythmic setting for SATB choir, piano, optional trumpet. The theme of worshipping before God makes this a useful anthem anytime of the year, and especially for festive occasions. The subtle change in meter creates easily learned word patterns and heightens the overall energetic impact.


James Mountain Arr. Joel Raney

A bright, jazzy style provides an energetic, gospel setting for this beloved hymn. Choirs will enjoy the light, syncopated rhythms and four-part harmony that is both catchy and accessible.Rhythm Parts: Conductor's Score, Piano, Synth (B3 Organ Patch), Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion & Drums.


William H. Doane / Words By: Fanny J. Crosby / Arr. Mary McDonald

This classic hymn text is given a lavish, masterful treatment which opens with a snare drum and a regal horn call before the men begin softly singing. The listener will be transported to new heights with such a commanding arrangement, proclaiming the greatness of God through soaring vocal lines and Ed Hogan's grandiose orchestration.Orchestrations: Conductor's Score, Flute, Oboe (or Soprano Sax or Clarinet), Clarinet, Horn (or Alto Sax or Clarinet), 2 Trumpets (or Alto Sax), 2 Trombones (or Tenor Sax or Baritone T.C.), Percussion, Piano, Violins 1 & 2, Viola (or Clarinet), Cello/Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet), Double Bass.


William M. Runyan / Words By: Thomas O. Chisholm / Arr. John Ferguson

Fully expressing God's unwavering faithfulness, this choral setting with organ and optional brass quintet displays the power and grandeur of this time-honored hymn. A reproducible congregational part is included, making it possible for everyone to lift their voices in song!Brass Parts: 2 Trumpets (C or B-flat), 2 Trombones, & Horn (in lieu of Tbn, 1)


Words By: Fred Pratt Green / Arr. Mark Hayes

Opening with a flourish, this hymn anthem launches into the dynamic statement "Give thanks to God! Let every voice give thanks to God!" For SATB choir with piano accompaniment, this is especially useful for services of thanksgiving and praise. A reproducible part for the congregation to sing on stanza three is included. If you have yet to introduce this glorious hymn to your congregation, here is a festive way to do so.


Arr. Lloyd Larson

This popular contemporary song is set here for SATB voices and creates an impactful expression of worshipping before God, as we sing, "holy, holy, holy." The light rhythm adds another element to the overall majestic presentation.Rhythm parts: Conductor's Score, Piano, Synth, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion & Drums.


Sara Groves William M. Runyan / Words By: Thomas O. Chisholm

Both accessible and straightforward, here are two settings of Sara Groves' contemporary reworking of "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," available in both SATB and SAB opt. Two-Part Mixed with piano accompaniment, this is an easily learned piece for traditional and contemporary worship.


Arr. Joel Raney

Based on the words from Colossians 3, "to service the Lord with a joyful heart and being your best to the King, and to do it with all your heart, in the name of the Lord," this expressive ballad is especially useful for Sundays dealing with commitment, ministry, and stewardship. The optional orchestration provides a heightened musical expression.Orchestrations: Conductor's Score, Flute, Oboe (or Soprano Sax or Clarinet), Clarinet, Horn (or Alto Sax or Clarinet) 2 Trumpets (or Alto Sax), 2 Trombones (or Tenor Sax or Baritone T.C.), Percussion, Piano, Acoustic Guitar (w/separate Cap Guitar Pt.), Electric Bass, Drums, Violins 1 & 2, Viola (or Clarinet), Cello/Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet).


Arr. Joel Raney

The text of this original gospel anthem takes on the voice of God speaking in the first person to his children and provides confidence and assurance that through any trial, he is there. "When you pass through the water, when you walk through the fire, when the rivers overflow, I will be with you." The dynamic vocal writing and optional rhythm and synth parts all work together to create a powerful presentation.Rhythm Parts: Conductor's Score, Piano, Synth, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion and Drums.


Arr. Various Composers & Arrangers

This 60-page collection includes nine of our best-selling arrangements of recent years, all for 3-5 octaves, Level 3. These tried and proven winners come from a variety of composers and arrangers and represent a wide range of styles and are useful throughout the church year. Single copies of these nine titles exceed the cost of this one book which you can then reproduce for all your ringers!

THE BEST OF AGAPE For 3-5 Oct. Vol. 3 (Handbell)

Arr. Various Composers & Arrangers

This 60-page collection includes nine top-selling settings of popular contemporary hymns and songs, all for 3-5 octaves, Level 2. These tried and proven winners come from a variety of composers and arrangers and represent a wide range of styles and are useful throughout the church year. Nine great pieces for the cost of three makes this a real budget stretcher!


Arr. Matthew Compton

Starting with a peaceful, simple motif that recurs throughout, this arrangement gives us a refreshing take on the hymn "Beautiful Savior." With unexpected harmonies and a dramatic climax, the piece is a representation of life, visiting emotions of peace, joy, anguish, and eventually back to Jesus who "shines purer than all the angels in the sky."


Arr. Paul M. McKlveen

Here is an original composition written with simple rhythms and very few bell changes, allowing ringers to learn it quickly. The faster tempo, changes in dynamic levels, and frequent use of stopped sounds, provides energy and excitement. This upbeat work is appropriate for both church services and concert settings.


Thomas J. Williams Arr. Arnold Sherman Larry Shackley

Arranged in a lively Celtic style this Welsh tune is given a lovely treatment for 3-6 octaves handbells with an optional part for flute. This powerful hymn tune is useful for any worship service or concert centering on the theme of God's great love expressed through Jesus Christ.

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