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THE BEST OF AGAPE For 3-5 Octaves, Vol. l (Handbell)

Arr. Arranged Various Composers

This 60-page collection includes ten of our best-selling arrangements of recent years, all for 3-5 octaves, Level 2+. These tried and proven winners come from a variety of composers and arrangers and represent a wide range of styles and are useful throughout the church year. 10 great pieces for the cost of 3 makes this a real budget stretcher!

EARTH AND ALL STARS (Alleluia, Jesus Is Risen!) (Handbell)

Arr. Compton Matthew

Opening with a motive based on the first three notes of the melody, this dynamic setting will be a welcome addition to any worship, concert, or festival experience. The arrangement starts swift but builds to a grand conclusion.

AGNUS DEI (Handbell)

Arr. Joel Raney

This well-known contemporary song is arranged for handbells, with optional handchimes, synth and percussion, all in a powerful inspirational reflection. It is ideal for any worship service reflecting on Jesus, the Lamb of God.


Arr. Jeffrey Honoré

This simple setting was designed for the beginning group to sound full and accomplished through a conscious effort to keep all the ringers busy (and happy), and peaceful. As a bonus, this can be used as an accompaniment to the singing of the hymn. An additional option is to have the ringers process to their tables during the first four measures, with a cue for when to go on to measure five.


Arr. Michael J. Glasgow

Bursting with dynamic vitality, this exciting setting combines the hymn tunes CRUCIFER and ST. MICHAEL most commonly paired with the hymn texts "Lift High the Cross" and "Stand Up and Bless the Lord!" In between the powerful opening and dramatic close, a charming rhythmic figure sets off the hymns, which are played separately and in counterpoint. A terrific teaching piece for techniques, this arrangement includes most of them.


Arr. Josh Farro & Phil Wickham Jeremy Riddle Peggy Bettcher

Filled with speedy mallet work, exciting martellatos and other handbell techniques, this dynamic arrangement of the popular worship song comes to life for ringers and listeners alike. Encourage your praise band to join in while your ringers execute fiery rhythmic patterns interspersed with driving LV sections.


Arr. Sandra Eithun

The passionate lyrics of this well-known hymn provide the impetus for this 3-6 octave handbell setting. Each verse grows in intensity providing the backdrop to the final verse, "When I stand in glory, I will see His face..." Incorporating optional handchimes, flowing LV patterns and a tender ending with suspended bells, this piece is an ideal selection for use during Lent, Holy Week, communion or general times in worship when the powerful message of redemption is being highlighted.

OCEANS (Where Feet May Fail) (Handbell)

Arr. Joel Houston & Salomon Lightelm Matt Crocker Peggy Bettcher

The themes of faith, trust, and peace are captured in this meditative 3-5 octave arrangement of this popular contemporary praise song. The text is based on Matthew 14:22-33, in which Jesus walks on the water and asks Peter to come to Him. For optimal effect, ringers should perform this piece as expressively as possible.


Words By: Stuart K. Hine / Arr. H. Dean Wagner

One of the most influential hymns of the twentieth century is given a powerful treatment in this awe-inspiring setting for 3-5 octave handbells and handchimes. Depicting the majesty and greatness of God, this hymn reflection builds from beginning to end using artful compositional technics - useful for any worship service on the theme of God and creation. 3-5 Oct. w/opt. 3 oct. Handchimes


Arr. Lloyd Larson

This Lenten hymn reflection combines piano with 3-5 octave handbells in a powerful back-and-forth dialogue between the two instruments. This is the second setting from Lloyd for piano and bells following his best-selling "Now Thank We All Our God," code no. 2776.


Arr. Joel Raney

This nostalgic sacred song is filled with charm and the delightful sounds of the sparrow. The optional parts for handchimes, flute, synth and percussion add a great deal to the presentation. This is a delightful reminder that God takes care of even the smallest in creation: "his eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me."

ESSENTIAL CLASSICS For 2 Octaves Vol. 1 (Handbell)

Arr. Arranged Various Composers

This 60-page collection includes thirteen of our best-selling arrangements of recent years, all for 2 octave choirs. Levels range from 1+ to 2+. These tried and proven winners come from a variety of composers and arrangers and represent a wide range of styles and are useful throughout the church year. Single copies of these 13 titles exceed the cost of this one book which you can then reproduce for all your ringers! 2 Oct. Reproducible


Arr. Lloyd Larson

Arranged with the volunteer handbell ringer in mind, these nine hymn settings are quickly learned and ready to perform with limited preparation time. Engaging settings of familiar carols and hymn tunes guarantee broad appeal to both ringers and listeners. Another cost saving "Reproducible" collection from Agape, buy one book and copy all the music for use by your choir. 2-3 Oct. Reproducible


Arr. Thomas Gregory

This fun-filled setting is ideal for a smaller ensemble of six or seven ringers, staying within the 3 octave range using only 14 bells from D4 to G6. Thomas Gregory arranged this for a dynamic group of handbell musicians who annually attend the FABM conference at Green Lake, WI, and it is in the memory of Tom's love for handbells that we are pleased to offer this in the Agape/Hope catalog. 3 Oct.


Arr. William A. Payn

This expansive original work is rich in beautiful melodies and opportunities for musical contrast. It is fun to play and very accessible for groups playing Level 3 music.


Arr. Edward Pola & George Wyle Joel Raney

This 1963 pop standard was released by Andy Williams for his first Christmas record and is a celebration and description of the many and varied activities associated with the holiday season. It focuses on friends and family, spending time with loved ones, sledding for children, and kissing under the mistletoe. A dynamic, jazz waltz setting by Joel Raney captures the energy and verve deserving of this Christmas sensation. The optional parts for Synth & Percussion enliven the presentation. There are two versions available, a 3-5 oct. Level 3 and a 3-6 oct. Level 4.

RING & SING HYMNS (Handbell)

Arr. Martha Lynn Thompson

Just like it sounds, this is a collection of full-chord settings of well-known hymns to be both rung and sung. The melody must be supplied by group singing, a vocal or instrumental soloist, or by the ringers themselves. The arrangements can be used alone or together with piano or organ accompaniment. The nineteen titles are all widely known and cover the major seasons of the church year. All the music and the texts included in the back are reproducible, facilitating group "sing-alongs" at church, in the mall, at senior living centers - just about anywhere!


Arr. Lloyd Larson

Arranged with the volunteer handbell ringer in mind, these nine hymn settings by Lloyd Larson are quickly learned and ready to perform with limited preparation time. Engaging settings of familiar carols and hymn tunes guarantee broad appeal to both ringers and listeners. Another cost saving "Reproducible" collection from Agape, buy one book and copy the music for use by your choir.


Arr. Peggy Bettcher

This collection is filled with seven well known praise songs arranged by Peggy Bettcher for 3-5 octave handbells. These engaging settings are ideal for worship services incorporating contemporary titles that offer appeal to both ringers and listeners. Another cost saving, "Reproducible" collection from Agape, buy one book and copy all the music for use by your choir-60 pages.


Arr. Peggy Bettcher

This is the eighth volume in the Easy to Ring Praise & Worship Series for 3-5 octaves by Peggy Bettcher. Ten of today's most popular praise songs are included. These simple settings appeal to beginning handbell and handchime choirs as well as more advanced choirs looking for creative shorter arrangements that can be learned quickly. Each is a complete composition, suitable for performance, eighth notes are used sparingly, and the difficulty level range from 1-2.


Arr. Linda R. Lamb

This collection includes bell tree solos for the entire Christmas season from Advent through Epiphany. Each title begins with the familiar melody, followed by a variation. Options are given for each selection to be played in its entirety, or abbreviated with instructions written in the score.


Franz Gruber Arr. Sondra Tucker

A very intentional "Homage to Brubeck" this setting by Sondra Tucker captures the smooth jazz flavor so characteristic of his sound. The mellow harmonies give way to a gentle swing in the middle section, and the piece concludes as quietly as it begins - sure to make a sublime addition to any winter concert or Christmas program.

I'LL FLY AWAY (Handbell)

Albert E. Brumley Arr. Cathy Moklebust

Albert E. Brumley's beloved country gospel song is given a peaceful, soothing treatment by arranger Cathy Moklebust. Simple melodic lines and harmonies, random ringing and LV combine to create an ethereal, flowing style. The use of handchimes is optional, but they will greatly enhance the gentle feel. This arrangement will be a beautiful and thoughtful addition to services or concerts of remembrance, memorial, home or peace.


Arr. Derek K. Hakes

Celebrating the coronation of our Savior and King, here is an easy, straightforward setting of two familiar hymn tunes. With no bell changes, but plenty of techniques, this arrangement will keep ringers busy while sounding more challenging than it actually is.

ALL IS WELL (Handbell)

Wayne Kirkpatrick Michael W. Smith Arr. Joel Raney

Joel Raney's setting of Michael W. Smith's mega-hit Christmas song was commissioned by The Agape Ringers in loving memory of Debbie Perisho, who was with the ensemble for 13 years before losing her battle to cancer. This powerful setting beautifully expresses the message that in both life and death, all is well.


Arr. Sondra Tucker

This whimsical take on the familiar German carol charmingly captures the joy of the season. The offbeat rhythms, scale work and malleted sections perfectly illustrate the excitement we see in children at this time of year.


Arr. Derek K. Hakes

This fast-paced, exciting original composition was designed by Derek Hakes to honor the legacy of Cynthia Dobrinski. The rhythms are somewhat syncopated, yet not too challenging. The judicious usage of martellato and mallets keeps the piece rhythmically interesting and fun to perform.


Johann Cruger Arr. Lloyd Larson

This festive presentation for handbells and piano sets a joyous mood with a flourishing keyboard pattern at the start and then builds dynamically as it progresses. The Level 2 bell part is very accessible and the piano solo shines with color and interest - ideal for worship or concert.


& William B. Bradbury Edward Mote, Eric Liljero, Jonas Myrin, Reuben Morgan Arr. Peggy Bettcher

Rhythm and drive prevail throughout Peggy Bettcher's 3-5 octave arrangement of this popular contemporary worship song. The inclusion of the hymn "My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less," reminds us that we should build our lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ. A variety of handbell techniques including martellato lifts, shakes, malleted and LV sections bring energy and excitement to the presentation.


Amy Grant & Chris Eaton Arr. Sandra Eithun

Amy Grant's poignant and haunting contemporary Christmas classic has been set for 3-7 octaves of handbells and optional handchimes. The opening suspended mallets create an ethereal backdrop for this well-known text which shares the inner voice of Mary as she journeys to Bethlehem to give birth to the Christ child. Her conversation with God reveals her fears and confusion as she cries out for God to "be with me now." The quiet and subtle closing provides a sense of resolve as Mary accepts her task and trust in her Lord.

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