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COME TO THE LIGHT (A Celtic Advent Song) (Choral)

Joseph M. Martin / Words By: Joseph M. Martin

This Advent song is based on the lilting Celtic melody, Skye Boat Song, and draws everyone to gather near and warm in the glow of the Light. It makes reference to the advent candles of peace, love, hope and joy, as "Jesus will soon be here." SATB


Arr. Charles McCartha

This tender Advent ballad is set to an early-American melody and infused with the imagery of morning light and the hope of Christ's coming. The easy-to-learn choral writing culminates with an original refrain incorporating "Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel." The optional cello part enhances the tone and flavor of his delightful gem.


Arr. Lloyd Larson

As arranged by Lloyd Larson, this blues-gospel rendition based on the traditional Christmas spiritual is richly soulful and power-packed. The addition of the Adeste Fideles "O come, let us adore him," enhances the drama while the dynamic rhythm parts heighten the impact of the retelling of King Jesus' birth in a manger. Rhythm parts: Conductor's Score, Percussion, Piano, Synth, Electric Bass and Drums.


Mary McDonald / Words By: Mary McDonald

This upbeat anthem is sure to be a toe-tapper with a message to "let your light shine, shine, shine!" Set in a gospel style, Mary McDonald has created an original anthem that is perfect for the season of Epiphany or any worship service centering on being the light of Christ in the world.


Fred Hellerman Arr. Mark Hayes

The "healing river" is a symbolic metaphor of God's never-ending grace and mercy, pouring forth as it awakes and flourishes on the dry and parched land. This powerful prayer for healing, justice and mercy is given a soulful gospel setting by Mark Hayes for SATB choir. SATB


Lee Dengler / Words By: Susan Naus Dengler

"We praise you, we bless you, we worship you, we glorify you" are presented in antiphonal effect using both Latin and English exchanged between men and women's voices. The middle section echoes the message of the angels singing, "Glory to God." Memorable melodies, lush part writing, and accessible vocal ranges all combine with a flowing piano accompaniment calling for all the world to bring their praise to God at this holy season.


Lloyd Larson / Words By: Lloyd Larson

From Lloyd Larson, this Advent anthem with a text based on Isaiah 9:2, 6 is built around an original melody which then leads into "Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus." It is easily learned with minimal rehearsal time. This setting comes from Lloyd's blockbuster cantata Were You There on That Christmas Night (code no. 8611). Orchestrations: Conductor's Score, Flute, Oboe (Soprano Sax or Clarinet), Clarinet, Bassoon (Bass Clarinet), Horn (Clarinet), 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones (Baritone T.C.), Percussion I & II, Piano, Harp, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello and String Reduction.


Mary McDonald / Words By: Rose M. Aspinall

Mary McDonald and Rose Aspinall team up for this sensational Christmas Eve selection which is part love song, part lullaby, part ballad. God made a promise that he would make a way, and this quiet example of trust still speaks to us today "on this quiet, silent night."


Andrae Crouch Arr. Joel Raney

This setting pairs a popular Andrae Crouch song with the Traditional Spiritual "Amen" in an effective gospel treatment by Joel Raney. As the church responds to the word of God, the church collectively says "Amen." Useful for any worship setting affirming God's guidance, direction and leadership of the church. Orchestrations: Conductor's Score, Horn 1 & 2 (or Alto Sax or Clarinet), Percussion, Piano, Synth, Electric Bass, Violin 1 & 2, Drums, Viola (or Clarinet) and Cello/Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet).


Joel Raney / Words By: Joel Raney

The familiar words of Psalm 27 are the basis for this new Joel Raney anthem for SATB choirs with optional organ and 3-5 octave handbells. It proclaims the message that God is our refuge in times of trouble, and our strength and shelter from the storm. The addition of the familiar hymn verse "I Sing the Mighty Power of God" is inserted to strengthen the impact of this powerful offering.


Wes Cameron / Words By: Wes Cameron

This thought-provoking anthem stems from the verse "every generous act of giving...is from above," and poses the question "will you give help to the needy...will you clothe and give the food?" Beginning with two vocal parts and concluding with SATB texture the writing is very accessible and the message is ideal for mission and stewardship Sundays. SATB


Joel Raney / Words By: William C. Dix

This Christmas ballad by Joel Raney takes a fresh approach to an old carol by pairing the familiar text with a new, original tune. All three verses are incorporated with the middle verse using the carol GREENSLEEVES, but in common meter. This is the title selection from Joel's top-selling cantata from 2015, What Child Is This (#8661). Orchestrations: Conductor's Score, Flute, Oboe (or Soprano Sax or Clarinet), B-flat Clarinet, Horn in F (or Also Sax or Clarinet), 2 Trumpets (or Alto SaX0, 2 Trombones (or Baritone T.C. or Tenor Sax), Percussion 1 & 2, Piano, Synth, Electric Bass, 2 Violins, Cello/Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet)and String Reduction.


Jay L. Althouse / Words By: Jay L. Althouse

Here is a bright, exuberant anthem proclaiming "glory to God" suitable for many uses throughout the church year. A rhythmic pulse is the most prominent feature of the opening melody with a contrasting middle section incorporating an a cappella verse of the doxology, Praise God from whom all blessings flow. A powerful return to the proclamation of praise completes the work.


Arr. Joel Raney

For SATB choir with an optional part for children's choir, this new Christmas offering from Joel Raney provides all of the sparkle and joy of the season with loads of options. It can be performed with a single pianist or a 4-hand piano accompaniment. A further option is a simple 3 octave handbell part to bring out the sounds of the Christmas bells ringing! SATB w/opt. Unison Choir(or Soloist), 3 oct. Handbells & 4-Hand Piano


Arr. William P. Gorton

The American folk song "Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head" is a gentle lullaby portraying the irony of the Christ Child sleeping in a lowly manger while "evil folk" sleep on feathers at their birth. The lyrical tune is simple and beautifully realized with a solo violin as the introduction. Sweet, colorful sonorities from the choir illustrate the awe of the animals at the incarnation, while the harp is evoked in the piano accompaniment - perfect for any Christmas service.


Arr. Hal H. Hopson

This includes two introits and two benedictions all from the pen of Hal Hopson. The first introit, "Praise the Lord!" is based on Psalm 150, the second, "Come and Be Joyful" features a text based on Psalm 100:1, 2, 5 and music from Vivaldi. "Song of Hope" is a benediction based on an Argentine folk medley with words by Alvin Schutmaat and optional parts for trumpet, tambourine & Maracas. The final benediction is a setting of "Dona Nobis Pacem."

OF THE FATHER'S LOVE: A Candle Lighting Ceremony for Advent (Choral)

Joel Raney

Designed to support the lighting of the Advent candles, this includes a choral opening followed by a call and response litany with piano underscore, then a text to be read with the lighting of the candle. As that concludes, the choir comes back in with the option of adding the congregation. The candle lighting portion of our service concludes with the provided prayer. There are five readings, one for each candle. Reproducible parts for the congregation and 4 optional handbells are included. Download the Litany Document Here

EASTER HYMN OF PROMISE (Choral|Handbell|Organ & Piano Duets)

Natalie Sleeth Arr. Joel Raney

Built on the popular Natalie Sleeth title, and incorporating the tunes, EASTER HYMN, PASSION CHORALE and DIADEMATA, this festive Easter prelude is the latest addition to Joel Raney's exciting series of piano/organ worship openers with SATB choir entering at the conclusion for an optional choral introit. The optional part 3-5 octave handbells with optional 3-5 octave handchimes is a fully developed Level 2 setting that greatly enhances the overall presentation. Both Keyboard Parts (Reproducible SATB Choral Introit Included)


Arr. Lloyd Larson

Here is the 5th volume in our successful series of TTBB voicings of top-sellers in our catalog. All of these are popular contemporary songs are top-selling arrangements from Lloyd Larson. Book


Compiled and Edited by Jane Holstein

Here is the 6th volume in our successful series of accessible voicings of top-sellers in our catalog. There are pieces for Advent, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Lent, Communion and general occasions in a variety of styles. All of these are proven winners from composers and arrangers: Joel Raney, Lloyd Larson, Joe Martin, John Carter, Jay Althouse, Marty Parks, and Ruth Schram. Each is set for SAB or Two-Part Mixed choirs.


Arr. Joseph M. Martin

Ideal for Mother's Day or Father's Day, this tender ballad by Joseph Martin is an earnest prayer of thanks for "family." Recognizing that today's families come in all varieties, with no two the same, and sometimes with imperfections, this poignant text beautifully captures the need for the church to honor and recognize the care of all families and to "build a home of grace." SATB


Lee Dengler / Words By: Susan Naus Dengler

Ideal for the Lenten season, this original from Susan and Lee Dengler recounts the life of Jesus as he performed miracles among those who needed his touch of healing, mercy, and forgiveness. The ancient words of the Kyrie, "Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy" have been used and combined with contemporary lyrics. The gentle Celtic feeling is further enhanced by a flowing piano accompaniment and an optional part for flute or C instrument (included). SATB w/opt. Flute or C Instrument (Included)

TEACH US THE WISDOM OF GOD (A Worship Experience for the Six Sundays of Lent) (Choral)

Marty Haugen / Words By: Marty Haugen / Arr. Joel Raney

Similar to Joel's popular series of Advent Candle Lighting Ceremonies, here is a worship experience for the six Sundays of Lent. It includes a choral opening followed by a chorus by Marty Haugen that beautifully summarizes the meaning of the journey of Lent. The congregation is invited to join in the chorus, and then to participate in a responsive litany followed by a prayer of confession, after which the congregation and choir reprise the chorus. The litanies and prayers, as well as parts for the congregation, a C instrument part and chord symbols are all included and may be reproduced. Two-Part Mixed w/opt. C Instrument (included) & Congregation


Heather Sorenson / Words By: Herb Frombach

With an original text and tune from Herb Frombach and Heather Sorenson this powerful ballad was created as a "new psalm," crying out to God for help in the midst of life's storms. The message that God's promise is greater than any storm, shines through in this compelling ballad as a reminder of the grace and mercy bestowed on all. SATB w/opt. Female Solo

CHRIST HAS ARISEN! (An Easter Introit) (Choral)

Daniel Mattix

Daniel Mattix has written an original Call to Worship that will serve as a joyful, triumphant opening to any Easter celebration. Included in the middle is a responsive litany. There are six versions for each Sunday of Eastertide. To accommodate a wide variety of needs, the composition features a variety of options and a flexible instrumentation. It can be realized with piano or organ, optional trumpet, optional 6 handbells, and any combination of singers: women only, men only, children, teens, or SATB voices. SATB w/opt. B-flat Trumpet & 6 Handbells (Included)


Allen Pote / Words By: Allen Pote

Proclaiming "He is risen! Alleluia!" here is Allen Pote's exuberant Easter Day anthem for SATB choir, with optional organ, brass and percussion. The story of the tomb unfolds and leads up to an impressive display of contrapuntal "alleluias" between the voice parts, all making for a festive celebration of the risen Lord. SATB


John Stafford Smith Arr. Jay L. Althouse

The national anthem belongs in the library of every choir, sacred or secular, as you never know when your choir may be called up to sing it. Jay Althouse has crafted a singable arrangement especially appropriate for adult choirs. It's not difficult, yet is vocally full and rich. Tempo and dynamic markings are suggestions only, so it can be performed in either a majestic, or a more hymn-like manner. The setting is a cappella with a piano part included for rehearsal. SATB a cappella


Arr. Joel Raney

Joel Raney pairs "Tell Me the Story of Jesus," "I Love to Tell the Story," "Jesus Loves Me" and "I Will Sing the Wondrous Story" in this medley featuring adult and children's voices, coming together in an intergenerational experience filled with familiarity and charm. SATB w/opt. Uniosn Choir (or Soloist)


Mary McDonald / Words By: Mary McDonald

Using the traditional spiritual "The Welcome Table" as a starting point, Mary McDonald has crafted a catchy, soulful anthem, ideal for celebrating The Lord's Table. Emphasizing that "all are welcome," this is a perfect choice for World Communion Sunday and any worship celebrating all of God's children. Rhythm Parts: Conductor's Score, Piano, Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion & Drums. SATB w/opt. Rhythm

WORTHY IS THE LAMB OF GOD (Revelation 5:12) (Choral)

Thomas E. Fettke / Words By: Thomas E. Fettke

This Tom Fettke original is based on Revelation 5:12, "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches, wisdom, and strength." The memorable choral lines make this anthem especially easy to learn and chord symbols have been added for the option of adding rhythm. SATB

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