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PLACE AT THE TABLE, A (Author's Collections)

Words By: Shirley Erena Murray

"While not much concerned about posterity, I offer this collection for the here and now, as a kind of spiritual autobiography of the years since writing 'Touch the Earth Lightly' (Hope, 2009). The themes will tell you that I have not ceased to centre on peace, partnered with justice, as these related to our own faith journey.

"But now that I find my life further away from the church and closer to what Jesus is actually pointing to, new elements come into play. Here is one:

"I have used the words of the hymn 'A Place at the Table' as title for this book, because there are still Christian people not welcome, either at the communion table or at the common table of society. . . .

"Creating justice and joy means walking into the territory of basic human rights, as Jesus did. It means being aware of our own fragility as well as our planet's, and using technology wisely. . . .

"Because I live in a highly secular society in Aotearoa/New Zealand, I am conscious of how the stereotypes of Christianity can be cynically dismissed. I long to say that there is so much to understand and embrace in the wisdom, spiritual treasury and survival skills that Jesus has given the world.

"It is also an interfaith and interactive world I live in, so some of these texts reflect my hope for the 'care and connection making us kin' that seems imperative for our human survival. . . .

"These hymns--be they attempting the pastoral, the prophetic or the impossible--are my present way to express this for myself, and hopefully, for you."

--Shirley Erena Murray

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Song List
  • At the Door of the Year
  • Because of the Baby
  • Bless the Little Child
  • Come, in Our Dark Time
  • Easter People, See the Light!
  • For Everyone Born, a Place at the Table
  • Forgive, Forgive Us, Holy God!
  • Forgive Us, God, for All the Things We Waste!
  • Go-Between God
  • God Bless the Constant Heart
  • God Bless the Day
  • God Give Us Cheerful Voices
  • God, Grow in Us a Fearless Mind
  • God So Loves the World
  • God, We Thank You for the Music
  • God Who Is Life
  • Great Voice of God
  • How Small a Spark Has Lit a Living Fire!
  • In Our Own Voice
  • In the Singing
  • Jesus Walked on to Calvary
  • Just as the Rainbow
  • Let There Be Sun to Light the Way for You
  • Let's Praise the Creator
  • Lord Jesus Christ, the Light You Brought Us
  • Lord Jesus, When My Courage Fails
  • No Gift That Lifts the Spirit
  • Now the Star of Christmas
  • On This Good Earth
  • Open Wide the Church's Door!
  • Out of Strange Unlikely Places
  • Peace Is Generosity
  • Peace Must Be Dared - It Is the Great Venture
  • Peacemaker Jesus
  • Sing with the Angels, Gloria!
  • Tears Are Falling Over the World
  • Thank God for Bursting Life!
  • The Christmas Child Is a Troublesome Child
  • The Spirit Calls Us
  • The Work of Our Days
  • We Must Leave Home
  • What Have We Failed to Do
  • When All the Good Is Gathered Up
  • When One Beggar Tells Another
  • Where Does Compassion Start?
  • Who Would Walk Cheerfully
  • Whoever Sees, Whoever Hears
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