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COME, YOU PEOPLE OF THE PROMISE (Author's Collections)

Music By: Joy F. Patterson

Joy Patterson is a highly respected author and composer of both hymn texts and tunes. This is a collection of her best-known works as well as some new material published here for the first time. The Foreword is by Carl P. Daw, Jr.

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Song List
  • A Leaf Tossed by the Sea
  • Christ, You Call Us All to Service
  • Come, You People of the Promise
  • God of Endless Mercy
  • Great Source of All Our Life
  • I Am Standing Waiting
  • In the Depth of Winter's Darkness
  • Isaiah the Prophet
  • Jesus, Be My Guide and Teacher
  • Jesus Heard with Deep Compassion
  • Jesus, When You Walked This Earth
  • Now Is the Time for Our Songs of Rejoicing
  • O Lord, You Gave Your Servant John
  • Our God, Creation's Loving Source
  • Since Jesus Gave His Life for Us
  • The Desert Shall Rejoice
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Voice of Jesus Calls His People
  • This Is the Day the Lord Has Made
  • This Is the Joyful Celebration
  • This We Believe, O Loving Creator
  • To Christ Whose Hands Will Bless
  • We All Are Now One People
  • When Aimless Violence Takes Those We Love
  • When All the Framework of Our Life
  • When Lazarus Lay in Death's Cold Shroud
  • When Life for Us Is Full of Comfort
  • Within a Womb of Darkness
  • You Call to Us, Lord Jesus
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